Friday, October 11, 2019

3Dimensional Artwork by Leif Erik Johansen


Leif Erik Johansen is a painter and a paper artist based in Asheville, NC. He was only 5 years old when his parents got divorced and that's when Leif began to first draw as an escape from his troubles. He loved that how freely he could express himself through art that not necessarily can be explained through the medium of words. Instead of a degree, Leif decided to travel the world and find his own ways to self-educate himself. But it was not until he was 40 years old he dedicated himself full time to begin his career in art.

He creates three dimensional paper cut light-boxes and dioramas. He hand-draws illustrations and hand-cuts each one individually, sometimes hundreds for a diorama. Each piece comprises of layers of illustrations stacked to create a 3D artwork. The inspiration for his work comes from nature, places he has visited, art and culture from all around the world, and "strange abstract face I see in the grain of wood" artist shares in his profile.

You can visit his online store for prints and originals.


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