Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Konsta Punkka Captures the Soul of Wildlife in His Photographs

Konsta Punkka is a 24 year old Finland based photographer who takes amazing close-up shots of wild animals. "Specialised to capture expressions and feelings of wildlife around the world" he shares on his website.

He has to be immensely calm and patient to get close to his subject. He spends hours in uncomfortable situations to establish a bond between him and his wild subjects. Once he spent hours crawling on the ground in the middle of winter at the mouth of a cave to get a shot.

"What inspires me the most is that people live their busy lives in the cities and they don't have any idea that they might be sharing a same neighborhood with a fox, owl and squirrel family. It drives me to go out every day to show people the perspective of the world through the eyes of fox."

Some of his clients include National Geographic, Greenpeace, ICOS, Sony, Huawei Smartphones, OnePlus, Nikon, SanDisk, Volvo, Adobe, Olympus, Icelandair, 66North, Yleisradio, Visit Switzerland, and Visit Canary Islands. His work has been featured by publications such as Bored Panda, Business Insiders, Fstoppers, GEO, ELLE, NEON and Suomen Kuvalehti. His is a sensation on Instagram with over 1 million admirers of his photographs from all around the world.