Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Artist Cuts Out Owls and Birds from Coins to Turn Them Into Jewelry



Micah Adams is an artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He uses a jeweler's saw to cut out embossed owls, birds, leaves, figures and objects from Canadian coins of different sizes and denominations. The metal cut-outs are used to create earrings, studs, tie backs, cufflinks, brooch, and fun collages. I can't imagine the amount of precision required to separate tiny copper leaves, birds, and flowers from coins. While Micah was in art college, he started working in small scale sculptures in the jewelry and metal-smithing department. His skills in cutting coins evolved after gaining expertise in other materials.

“I was making small assemblages from things I’d collected over the years, tiny things like toys, bottle caps, beach finds and even teeth. Then, I cast them in metal. They were like tiny bronzes or miniature monuments. That lead me to look for tiny things that were already metal that I could use. So, I looked at coins and their designs for things I could cut-out.” Micah shares in an interview to Colossal.

You can follow him on Instagram for updates on his new work and find unique pieces of jewelry made from cutting coins in his online store here.


Barbara said...

impressionnant même si je sais pas si c'est très autorisé :)

merci de la découverte

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