Monday, March 5, 2018

The Surprise Party by Pat Hutchins


The Surprise Party is a children's picture book published in 1972 illustrated by Pat Hutchins. The book consists total of 32 pages, each page comes with chock full of beautiful illustrations. The super vibrant animal illustrations on light background are remininensce of patterns and drawings on enamelware in the 70s.

The story starts with a rabbit who is having a party and how it's misheard by rest of the animals until the very end when everything comes together.

"I'm having a party tomorrow," Rabbit whispers to Owl. "It's a surprise." But Owl tell the news to Squirrel, he says, "Rabbit is hoeing the parsley tomorrow. It's a surprise." By the time word has spread to all of Rabbit's friends, it's anyone's guess just what it is that Rabbit will be doing tomorrow!

While the colorful illustrations will keep the little ones engaged and the story will win giggles. It will make a great story that can be enacted for a game of telephone by more mature audience.