Friday, September 21, 2018

Printable Origami Woodland Animal Bookmarks


We know it's a perfect day if we can get a few hours to cuddle with a book. When I was young, I was taught by my mom how bending the corners of a page of book is a sin. She made me use bookmarks early on and I am so glad that it was one many useful things I learnt from her.

I figured any kid who is learning to take care of their books can be introduced to the art of using bookmarks with this adorable tutorial by Autumn. Origami woodland animal bookmarks will be loved by the kids, they will have a great time making their favorite animal and use it to mark the page in the book. There are seven designs - owl, fox, skunk, bear, bunny, chick and raccoon. Each animal comes with a printable template and a set of instructions to make your own origami bookmark. To download go to It's always Autumn.