Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bird Portraits Painted by Wild Bird Rehabilitator


Ashley Dietrich is a painter based out of Tulsa, OK. She earned BFA in Studio Art and Art History, and completed graduate studies in Biocultural Anthropology and Archaeology. She now runs a bird sanctuary and is also a full-time painter who paints bird portraits mainly pigeons and owls. Her work is rich in textures, patterns and inspired by the nature surrounding her studio.

"Birds are each unique individuals with their own personalities, and I am honored to be part of so many little lives. Capturing their gestures and the complexity of feathers is a fulfilling technical challenge, but I especially enjoy creating portraits. Painting allows me to work with wild birds as well as spend time with my own little flock. I share my studio with ringneck doves."

You can visit her online store for originals and limited edition 4x4 bird portraits.