Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Surreal Paintings Made with Wool by Dani Ives

Last year, I featured amazing work of Dani Ives a self-taught artist who creates amazing illustrations using just wool and a needle. She has been busy and I thought I share some of her new pieces with you all here. Her animal portraits and botanical pieces have incredible details and realism. She is magical in creating layered effects of colors, textures and depth.

She gives workshops in many cities like Washington DC, Oklahoma, San Diego, Austin, and more. They get sold out fast so if you want to learn from her then find out the details for the next upcoming class on her website. There is also an option of taking an e-course that are suitable for beginners and has plenty of information. You can find kits to make your own unique felted piece on her online store - Good Natured Art.

If you wish to see her work in person then stop by Enormous Tiny Art: Autumn Show #24 from Sep 1, 2018 through Sep 30, 2018 at Nahcotta, 110 Congress Street, Portsmouth New Hampshire. Watch this space for more info.