Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Felt Portraits of Animals by Dani Ives

Dani Ives is a self-taught fiber artist from Northwest Arkansas and founder of Good Natured Art. She has developed a distinct style of needle felting that she calls "painting with wool." For those of us who don't know, needle felting is a process that involve poking loose wool fibers onto the fabric with a barbed needle thousands of times until the desired image is emerged. It's tremendously time consuming task which needs a lot of patience.

Dani's work has breath-taking detail and realism. She uses wool fibers and a felting needle to create the incredible effects of layered coloring, texture and depth in her pieces. She makes fruits and cactus, but the recurring theme of her work is animals - owl, rooster, donkey and dog seem to be jumping out of the embroidery hoop.

She has taught many students in workshops around the United States and internationally, including a six-week course at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Her upcoming workshop is scheduled for September 23rd in Denver, CO. To register and to find out more information go to her website. You can find her originals and prints on her Etsy store.