Monday, August 6, 2018

Street Artist Paints Large Scale Murals Combining Animals and Flowers

Images via Pinterest

Miami based street artist Ernesto Maranje has been painting large scale murals since 2015 and quickly gained popularity for his unique painting style. His murals feature animals mixed in with flowers and other natural element that's a reminder for the viewer that we are part of nature and should respect it. Ignoring the living nature around us has resulted into catastrophic consequences. 

He has painted on high walls, some being a staggering 16 story high building in Kiev. No one could have guessed that he is afraid of heights! The piece he paints keeps him absorbed and the worry of finishing it on the deadline keeps his mind away from how high is he working. He has painted huge murals in Florida, Ukraine, Jordan, London, Spain, Oregon and more. To view his work in collaboration with other artists and to find out what is he working on presently visit him on Instagram.