Friday, August 10, 2018

Countryside Landscapes Interpreted in Paintings by Mary Sumner

I shall wrap up for the weekend with the beautiful artwork by Mary Sumner. Her work is filled with colors and rich textures, truly a visual treat of the viewer. She enjoys to paint farms, animals with lush, sprawling landscapes. Her paintings are inspired by her imagination as well as photos, drawings and found objects that she collects on her daily walks. She captures and interprets the natural world of her immediate surroundings in her vivid paintings.

"I try to convey how I feel about my subject matter through colours/ forms & rythms in my work & sometime humour, I most enjoy the gathering of information for the paintings i.e.walking through a chosen landscape then reliving the experience in a painting in the studio. There is always something visually that strikes me everyday, however small, that I want to record & share because it will (hopefully) lift the spirits" she shares here.

Have a wonderful weekend!