Thursday, March 30, 2017

Animal Planters For Your Tiny Plants

Canada based ceramist Alicia Zwicewicz is the creator and owner of Beardbangs ceramics. She hand-makes adorable animal and silly faced planters that are a perfect home for your favorite tiny plants and succulents. The ceramics will certainly brighten up any corner of your home. Her pieces are made to order, so if there is something you like then you can contact the artist through her profile page.

"My work is meant to be accessible, to be picked up and used every day, being not only completely useful to daily life but also brightening it. The aspects of this job I love most are seeing someone’s face burst into a smile as they walk past my display, and seeing adults and children alike connect to the bright colours and silly faces of my characters. I am inspired and motivated by these human interactions, and am also influenced by Scandinavian pottery and design, a retro aesthetic, and my family." - via.