Monday, March 27, 2017

Reused Fabric Art by Louise Saxton

Louise Saxton is an Australian mixed media artist currently living and working in Melbourne, Victoria. For the past 15 years she has been creating textile artwork using recycled materials including business envelopes, vintage wallpapers, old needlework, book illustrations and even domestic porcelain. She creates, sort of "paintings", of birds with painstaking labor of layering and pinning the materials she collected on a translucent canvas of bridal tulle. There is no stitching involved.

Her work is inspired by historical paintings by artists from the 16th – 20th century. Through her work the artist is reinterpreting works of many natural history artists, from the famous 19th century bird painters, John James Audubon to Lilian Medland to the prolific 20th century Australian bird painters. The birds shown above are from the Sanctuary Collection a tribute to natural-history paintings drawn from Museum and Library collections around the world. 

The artist is participating among other contemporary Victorian artists at the exhibition 'From the Bower: patterns of collecting' by Warrnambool Art Gallery until 12th June, 2017. For more details and other information go here.


Robin said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely artwork with us.