Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Scion's Beautiful Patterns on Wallpaper and Fabric

For sometime, I have been meaning to prepare a post on British brand Scion's Noukku collection of beautiful wallpapers. Now I feel glad that I didn't post about their wall coverings before because they recently launched a fabric collection called Pepino that compliments each other.

Pepino is available in nine cheerful designs in total of 43 colors options. The playful motifs is a wonderful mix of owls, cranes, birds, and flowers. The zesty color palette of fabrics is suitable for drapes, cushions and to be used for upholstery. Inspired by Scandinavian designs, the fabric collection is perfect to add a burst of color to any corner of your house. 

Hannah Bowen the Scion’s designer shares how the designs came to be: “I created them using paper-cut collage to give them a slick, contemporary look. I played with the idea of tessellating shapes, and motifs that would fit together to form simple, cheerful prints.”