Thursday, July 20, 2017

Doodles With Optical Illusion and Hundreds of Intricate Images

A Cambodia born artist Visoth Kakvei who presently lives in Maine draws highly detailed, jaw-dropping optical illusion filled doodles in his sketchbook. Using pens and markers he generally draws his doodles freehand taking hours for a single piece to finish, then digitally enhances them which makes his subject appear alive. Every artwork is a fine composition of hundreds of tiny images.

He captions his owl work on Instagram as follow: "Fighting for the night. Once he's freed, the world will turn dark forever." His mastery over the work of doodling has gained him a huge fan following on Instagram, the last I checked he had close to 1 million followers. If you like, you can join him on Instagram where he posts pictures of his new work as well as mesmerizing videos of him in action.


Anonymous said...

This is your most impressive shown works so far. Amazingly original.