Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lilla Jizo: Hand-Painted Rocks

Good morning friends, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Let's start off our day together here with an adorable work of Petra of Lilla Jizo.

Her shop's Swedish name Lilla Jizo translates in English to “Little Jizo”. The artists shares “Jizo is a Buddhist helper/bodhisattva. He appears in different countries also, such as China and Korea, but is best known in Japan. Jizo is the Japanese name for this being. He is known to be the helper of all beings, but specifically the helper and protector of children, women and travelers” via.

Her hand-painted rocks often depict bodhisattvas, owls, horses, bears, plants and other nature inspired elements. She paints on pieces of rocks that are hand picked by her, and painted with charcoal and acrylics to turn them into beautiful artwork.