Friday, March 11, 2016

Polish Designer - Ola Niepsuj

Black Owl


"How smart are animals" illustration for Maleman magazine.

Je voudrais une baguette

"Buka" illustration for Snow & Gold Magazine.

King Kong

Konie C

Ola Niepsuj is a Warsaw based graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated from Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in 2010. She creates humorous and eccentric illustrations with a unique combination of collage, pencil, ink and spray paints. Her work is mainly analogue where photoshop is used only to make slight corrections or to do clean ups.

"In my drawings, I search for humor and ambiguity. I like extreme deformations, but always funny and never scary."

For her distinctive work she received Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship and was awarded with the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz Rector's Grant. She has been awarded with many design related awards including American Illustration annual competition for which she was awarded twice. Her work has been published in international magazines, books, textbooks and children’s books. She took part in more than 50 exhibitions in Poland and abroad. You can follow her on facebook for updates on her new work and information on her upcoming shows.


Mirror-ED said...

I was browsing the web in search for Ola's work and I came here and saw how she described her own work - as "never scary". That's I guess ironic, since for me those pictures, with their rough, sketchy style and charcoal use are kind of scare. The second pic from the top is about alcochol ("horse" - "cognac", the second one is "rum" - "steed") and look like they were taken from anti-alocholic social campaign.
Anyway, even that's still very humorous however black.

My Owl Barn said...

I have hand-picked monochromatic images for this post specifically. There is lot of color in her work. The use of black in the images shown makes them appear dark but the illustrations are not at all scary for me. I don't find those pigeons or that horse scary one bit :) Please do visit her website to see more of her wonderfully unique work!