Monday, March 7, 2016

Beautiful Pottery by Nan Hamilton

Burrowing owls vase

Zebra vase

Rabbit vase

Carved rim Trumpeter Swan vase.

Animal bowls

Gemsbok vase and  Crows in the corn vase.


Flying owl bowl (top), Hungry owl bowl (bottom).

Tiger plate

Carp plate

Nan Hamilton creates unique hand painted pottery featuring owls, birds and reptiles in their natural setting. There is a range of pottery items that she makes including beautiful carved rim vases, plates, bowls, mugs, shakers and pitchers. I especially love how the rim is hand carved to form owls, rabbit ears, swans. She gives classes at the Mudville pottery, Boston for those who are new to pottery as well as experienced potters. You can find schedule and more information on her upcoming classes on her website.


JCotton said...

How nice to see Nan Hamilton's work featured! She is one of my favorite potters and I'm lucky enough to own several of her beautiful pieces. As a potter, myself, I can tell you she's one of the best!

My Owl Barn said...

She amazes me really. You are lucky to own her art pieces :)