Monday, March 28, 2016

Getaway in an Owl Shaped Cabin

Would you like to rent an owl shaped cabin for your next vacation? This beach-side adorable owl inspired cabin is located in Sandhills in the little town of Hightown, UK, that's about 20 minutes outside of Liverpool. Tracy Caroline Lewis the owner worked with a London based artist who is also her friend Tim Cole to build this eco-shed using recycled materials and a beautiful grass roof.

The most amazing feature of this shed, the windows are made from old glass bottles which look like big round eyes and give the shed an owl-like appearance. The house overlooks coastal sand dunes makes it an ideal spot for those you enjoy the outdoor views.

"As an artist it’s important to me that things are beautiful but they also have to be functional so Owl House fills that perfectly.” - via. For more details on how to reserve this house go to airbnb.

"The Watchers" is another cool and funky owl shaped cabin that I blogged previously here. Take a look!