Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dreamy Artwork of Rebecca Rebouche

Rebecca Rebouche is a New Orleans artist who creates emotive and whimsical mixed media paintings. Her work has a dreamlike quality that transports one to a different world where swans live on the tress, stars sparkle on the ground, clothes hang from a branch and where owl is the king of the sky. "I'm always using the natural world as my echo. There's always an element of magic or transcendence that you can never actually achieve in the real world with a photograph." - via.

"Through visual allegory, she turns heartbreak into wonder, temporal into immortal, invisible into tangible. Her insights into human nature are expressed through enchanting imagery."

She first landed a big project from Anthropologie in 2010, a widely loved brand that sells unique and beautiful women apparel, homeware and accessories. So far she has designed paper murals, dishware, prints, and clothing in her signature enchanting style.

Her work has made to number of publications like Southern Living, Anthology Magazine and The Great Discontent. She was on the cover of the Garden & Gun magazine in August 2012 as one of the 15 inspiring designers shaping the look of the South. More than 500 of her paintings are in private collections around the world.