Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ceramic Totems

Los Angeles based ceramist Heidi Anderson handmakes unique totems using colored clays. Totems are often a combination of humans and owls that are decorated with tiny birds and leaves. To me her work seems to have influence of art from the Aztecs and Mexico. 

What makes her work unique is her specialization in agateware. Agateware is a kind of pottery in which different clays are used together and inlayed into the base clay to form all sorts of designs. There is no or limited use of glaze, all the colors seen in her work come from the natural clay colors. Her work has geometric patterns and earthen color palette of browns, blacks, and whites. You can find her ceramics available for sale in the stores listed here and follow her on Instagram for updates on her new pieces. 


GreatRussianGifts said...

They are so cute and authentic. They do remind me Russian nesting dolls in a way.