Friday, January 15, 2016

A Psych-Folk-Horror Themed Wedding: Ali & Dan

Ali & Dan couldn't find a better venue than Folly Farm, Bristol for their ‘Psych-Folk-Horror’ theme wedding. They were not really going with a theme for their wedding, as they shared here "we wanted to include the things that we love: great music, the handmade, plenty of color, nature, the outdoors and each other.” Ali continued. “We were enthusiastic planners though and our non-theme gradually evolved into something we decided to call ‘Psych-Folk-Horror’. We’ve been into folk music and particularly psychedelic folk for a while, so that was always going to be part of the musical element of our day.” 

The theme started to take shape when Ali received “The Owl Service” by Alan Garner, a Folk Horror classic from 1967 from Dan. The book became the inspiration for Ali to design the invitations, RSVP cards and orders of service. Lots of elements inspired by nature and wild things were incorporated into the decorations. The owls calling in the nighttime, deer and badgers, and the beautiful wood at Folly Farm provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding theme.

"Our inspiration primarily came from wanting the wedding to feel homely – part of us and the way we live together. That doesn’t sound very Rock n Roll in itself, but we tried really hard to cut out the rubbish and keep our own identities – hopefully whilst maintaining our usual sense of humor. It was very important to us that everything had some meaning for us."

More pictures and the information on the vendors can be found on Rock N Roll Bride.