Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3D Wood Lettering and Origami Animals

Cologne Ehrenfeld based couple Elisabeth Rosenkranz and Andreas Burgmann have so far collected 1000 words and sayings, some of them “as delicate as the wing of a butterfly” and turned them into inspirational art.

"Words have always fascinated us. I read a lot and am always amazed by the effect that words have: In my mind an image, color or even a smell arises - and this impression is sometimes much stronger than it could produce an image. It was only natural to give the words a place on the wall: For us it is a word that hangs on the wall, a picture."

Besides typography they also make 3D jewelry and origami animals like owl, stag, elephant etc. that will make great decoration for a desk or book shelf. There are numerous designs that come in many color options on their website and on etsy.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

These are lovely! I especially like the owl and the butterfly <3

My Owl Barn said...

Those are indeed lovely! Thanks for stopping by :)