Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleeping Masks by Ööloom

Ööloom is a company based out of Tallinn, Estonia with a team of people who have designed these cool sleeping masks so you can have a good night sleep. They have it all figured out. They calculated that "an average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. This is too much for sleep to be taken lightly!" They took it upon themselves to design something which will give you a sound shut-eye so you wake up fresh the next morning. 

Ööloom sleeping masks are hand made by a small group of ladies with the finest Estonian felt. These fun animal sleeping masks come in several designs including owl, fox, giraffe, bat and more. They will block out light as well as keep your forehead warm. The next time you are travelling or want to have a peaceful sleep at home you should get one of these masks for yourself.