Monday, June 22, 2015

Package Design: Obscuritas Dark Sour

The Hired Guns Creative team has created this beer branding and packaging design for Driftwood Brewery’s new Obscuritas Dark Sour brew which won't fail to grab your attention and notice the brand. 

“Resting patiently in the wooden shadows was this creature of the night. Seldom seen, but whose presence was always respected by all life in the backyard, this elusive predator was never captured.” - via.

The beer bottle features an intense looking great horned owl staring at you with the plumage wrapping the bottle perfectly in symmetry. The owl illustration in single color stands out against the dark brown beer bottle. 

“Our approach to naming this beer was to evoke the owl’s dark, mysterious nature, while retaining its exalted position, using an invented word that embodies the individuality of this dark sour.”