Friday, April 10, 2015

Christopher Durant: Moleskin Drawings

Christopher Durant is a pencil artist from England. He has been passionate about art all his life and expresses himself through his drawings. He draws unbelievably detailed and realistic drawings in his sketch book, some of them seem to be able to crawl out of the pages of the book. Look at that spider! His drawings are mainly, but not limited to, inspired by owls, wildlife, birds and buildings.

He was honored for his work as the Artist of the Month in Artists Culture Magazine, and his work has been published in Artists Culture Magazine, Colored Pencil Magazine Student Edition, Creative Sugar Magazine, InPrint Magazine and UKCPS Magazine. 

You can join him on Facebook where he has a huge fan following of his work and where he updates about his new work.

I hope you enjoyed your week with the daily owlsome posts here. I wish you a lovely weekend. I'll see you back on Monday!