Thursday, April 9, 2015

Katie Green

Dreamer's Light 


A Star Was Born






I am enamored with the amazing work by Katie Green, a visual artist who graduated from the University of Calgary's in BFA program. Her work has spirituality, nature, balance, and the connection between human and animal as a central element. Katie's work is mainly focuses on growth, death, adaptation, cooperation, and our physical and emotional connection with nature. She beautifully depicts her concepts using flora and fauna as her primary subject matters. She hopes that her work can play a role of a catalyst in building a stronger connection of humans with nature, and with themselves. 

Her paintings are filled with complex details "make you question our 'superiority', our need to harm in order to progress, and to garner the power to overcome the need for ultimate self gain."

Katie's work has been exhibited in galleries such as Contemporary Calgary (formerly the Museum of Contemporary Art) and The Nickle. She has worked internationally in Nepal, India, Florida and Sri Lanka, and in collaboration with a number of collectives, non-profit organizations and communities. She has a facebook page where you can view more of her work she has done in the past.