Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rags and Tatters: Alexandra Keller

London designer Alexandra Keller the creator behind Rags and Tatters makes amazing textile treasures. Her faux taxidermy and soft sculptures are handpainted and stained with lot of attention to detail before they are mounted on driftwood or framed. She brings the creatures to life with hand plus machine embroidery, vintage net and fabric, beads, flowers and pom poms.

"Inspiration comes from many places or moods, but I don't like to tie myself down to any one specific thing, so I can quite literally dance off on a tangent if I see a piece of material or wood that inspires me, which keeps me always open to experimenting.

The possibilities to create and use whatever I find is endless, I can experiment with color material and stitching, so I can never get bored only more curious as to what road it all will take me."

You can join her on facebook to learn more about her work and to get updates on her new creations.