Friday, August 28, 2015

Guarana "No Sleep" Energy Drink Design Packaging

The Guarana is a popular energy drink in Serbia with the owl as its mascot designed by Marko Vajagic of Orange Studio, Belgrade. The packaging was redesigned by the company in 2003 with the illustration based on “No Sleep” theme on a cool green can featuring a catchy graphic of a hooting owl with big yellow eyes staring at you.

The drink is made from Guarana seeds which is a mysterious plant found in the depth of Amazon jungle naturally rich with caffeine believed to have magical powers. It is believed by the local tribe that the plant relieves stomach pain and renews the strength. When it comes to taste, this is not your standard boring energy drink but instead comes in different refreshing flavors - Guarana Green, Guarana Black, Guarana Mojito and Guarana Kick. 


Iris said...

Gorgeous packaging. I love energy drinks but this packaging makes me want these even more.

My Owl Barn said...

The packaging makes the drink a winner for me too! Thanks for stopping by :)