Friday, July 10, 2015

Three Stunning Owl Murals at Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most noted social media company headquartered in Vancouver. They love owls and even have an owl as their logo. When they opened up their new office space in Mount Pleasant they had an opportunity to decorate their bare walls with owl art. They worked with Sandy and Steve Pell of Pellvetica to paint multiple murals.

The first mural that Pells painted was Great Horned owl with its piercing yellow eyes inspired by their sighting of the bird on one of their walks. This Hootsuite boardroom mural was completed in over 2.5 days. The second mural that looks like feathers was painted for the interview room. "The illustration represents a visual weave of a close-up view of an owl’s feather-covered body, while also looking like a stacked pile of west-coast Tofino surfboards each lined with a thick copper metallic paint." 

With the increased popularity of the rooms, Hootsuite decided to have two more rooms painted with Barn owl and Elf owl. The owls are painted in the flying position, with their wingspans wrapping the entire width of each room. Since the rooms were too small to paint the complete owls, Steve came up with a clever idea to have a floor to ceiling mirror installed in the room and paint only half of the owl. "The mirrors would reflect the half owl back, completing the animal while looking like the room had been doubled in size. From outside the rooms, the viewer would only see a single complete owl made of two halves." Completed in about seven days, these murals now offer a spectacular visual treat to the visitors and the staff.


Annette said...

The murals are really beautiful, the idea of the mirror is fantastic...amazing

My Owl Barn said...

I know, the mirror idea is genius!

Thanks for stopping by :)