Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ceramics by Nikki Lemkemeier

Nikki Lemkemeier also known as "Nicole" Lemkemeier is a ceramic artist who specializes in custom architectural installations and giftware. She grew up in Winnetka, Illinois surrounded by women with artistic flare who influenced her career as a ceramist. 

She attended Washington University in St. Louis, graduating with a double major in Printmaking and Art History. After graduating she worked with a local St. Louis company to paint Missouri wild flowers with underglazes on ceramic ware. Even though she had never worked with ceramics or glaze before that, Nikki learnt to love the complex medium with which she could create with both texture and imagery. 

So far, she has worked on several mosaic and mural projects, you can view her past projects under residential, institutional, commercial and giftware on her website - Mirth Works Tiles. You can visit her facebook page where she shares her new ceramic creations. There is so much attention to detail and astonishing fine brush job that goes into her pieces. She has an online store where she sells her hand-painted ceramic pieces which are both fun and functional like the owl money box or the mouse salt & pepper shakers. Lemkemeier won the 2009 Grand Center Visionary Award for Emerging Artist.