Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Elizabeth Mayville: Minimalistic Oil Paintings

Elizabeth Mayville is an artist based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She gained degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University, Michigan and completed Study Abroad Program from Kingston University, Kingston, England. 

She paints lovely portraits, still life, wildlife and landscapes. "Her work can initially be perceived as simple, calm and sweet; however her persistent use of gray gives each piece an almost melancholic undertone upon further reflection. This neutral palette is a consistent feature in her oil paintings, as are her minimal compositions and strong horizons. Sensitive and beautiful, Mayville’s paintings capture the artist’s sense of wonder with the world as well as her grasp of the impermanent nature of life." - from here.

While I was reading her blog, I came across the beautiful owl paintings (above) that she did in the past and the bird paintings (also shown above) are found here. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and has won Branstrom Fine Arts Award and Kingston Fellowship awards for her fantastic work. Check out her online store for her original paintings as well as prints.