Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stone Art by Stefano Furlani

Stefano Furlani is an artist from Fano (PU) who makes these detailed artwork with stones found by him and his son on the beach. It all started with a simple game to finding stones and creating something with his son on their visits to the beach which was reluctantly destroyed at the end of the day. Slowly the game transformed into making artwork which became more and more intricate and started to look like real art. His pieces are made with stones that are carefully selected for their color, shape and size. In the owl image above showing the process of assembling the stones one can see how much attention is required to place the stones to recreate the owl so it resembles the real owl. His work comes glued on the wooden base so it can be decorated with and cherished for life. 

His website has his stone art categorized under animals, famous people and imaginative scenes. To view more of his amazing work go to his website Sassi d'autore and to get an update on his latest work you can join his facebook page.


Unknown said...

These are all so wonderful! Love to mother earth! This is art.