Monday, June 29, 2015

Andrew Frazer Designs

"You Are Beautiful"

"A Beautiful Discovery"

"Too Beautiful Not to Share"

"Life is Better Together"

"Even Raccoons Cry Sometimes"

"Moving Forward"

Andrew Frazer is an illustrator, hand letterer and designer from Australia who is currently living with his wife in Canada. His whimsical charcaters and narrative based art is inspiring and thought provoking. His work depicts owls, birds, foxes and raccoons with whom we can connect at a personal level engaging into a conversation that discusses shared human emotions such as pain, hope, despair, redemption & contentment. His illustrations shown are done using pen, colored pencil and tea stain. The primary character is mostly in black which is decorated with lovely patterns and designs colored in soft hues which instantly adds life to his pieces.

"Some of my personal inspirations... the gift of life, cold mornings, vintage glass bottles, coffee with my wife, surfing, typography, fashion, flowers, old suitcases, cycling at night, Scandinavian patterns & furniture, interior design, the texture of cold pressed paper, forgiveness, travel, children's story books, laughing & sleeping in on a Saturday morning" - The artist shared on Australian in Front

Andrew has worked for both national and international clients including individuals as well as companies such as Corbis, Custard Co Cider, Machéll Design, The Walkley Foundation, FORM & Magnesium Media. You can view more of his work on his website and find his art prints that are available to purchase on his online store on Art Label.