Friday, May 1, 2015

Watercolor Paintings by Louise De Masi

Louise De Masi is an Australian artist whose work reflects her love for nature and animals. She uses watercolors as the medium for her paintings because of " the unpredictable nature of watercolor. I love the vibrance of the hues and I thrive on the challenge that each painting brings. Sometimes I master it and at other times it masters me. " - she shares.

She has an online store where she sells prints in different sizes as well as original paintings. I have picked out the above few paintings to give you a taste of her beautiful work. You can see many more (over 500) paintings of all sorts of owls, birds and animals in her store. The owl portrait shown above is my favorite. How incredible is feather detail around his eyes!

Her artwork has been featured in many Australian art and craft magazines and currently she has some of her paintings licensed to a US wall decor manufacturing company.