Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Worlds by Christian Haas for Theresienthal

"Small Worlds" is an art-glass collection designed by Christian Hass a designer based in Munich for the luxury Bavarian glass manufacturer Theresienthal. Each piece is a masterpiece and when assembled together they form a little narrative within themselves, creating a 'small world'. 

"Once these elements are put together, they form a small world, which tells the viewer a story. The classical techniques of glass processing such as over-fishing, grinding and engraving here are not mere decoration, but are part of the narrative whole." Every single object from the Small Worlds is functionally useful. 

This beautiful glass collection is hand-cut, hand-blown in simple shapes with minimalist yet intricate engraving in delicate colors. The series comes in a limited edition of 50 sets each - "No Sweet Without Sweat", "Wisdom Is a Good Companion", "Planet Earth", "A Matter of Perspective" and "Still Waters Run Deep".

"Wisdom Is a Good Companion" collection consists of three gorgeous pieces that are assembled by covering the cobalt blue vase, engraved with a tawny owl sitting on a perch with a glass ‘cage’. A massive grey paperweight engraved with ants is then placed on top of the two vases acting as a ‘handle’ - via.

Owl vase from "Wisdom Is a Good Companion"

"Planet Earth"

 "Still Waters Run Deep"

"Wisdom Is a Good Companion"

Owl and ants tumblers from "Wisdom Is a Good Companion", and bees and honeycomb from "No Sweet Without Sweat"