Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sasha Montiljo: Painted Objects

Sasha Montiljo was born in Belgrade currently lives and works in Zemun. He is a renowned artist known for his surreal paintings, you can find his lovely owl painting that I absolutely love here. While browsing his website I came across a section on 'Painted Objects' which showcases a collection of owls painted by the artist on irregular shaped wooden logs. From his profile on Deviant Art : " I made about two hundred owls in form of log in the past 3 years." It would be amazing to see them all. Each one has its own unique personality. 

You can read this wonderful interview he gave to Kultur Kokoska. Owls are the recurring theme of his work and he shares their significance in his work. "I have always been fascinated by nature’s predators. The intelligence they possess causes me to think of them as creatures very similar to humans. And isn’t man part-beast himself? It may be that only if we were to look at ourselves realistically that we could change and become better. Owls are the only species of birds whose eyes are set directly in the plane of its face, like human eyes are, and since my visual poetics seldom feature humans, it may be that the owls are there to take their place. "

He is a member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) and has participated in several solo exhibitions. You can find more of his work he did in the the past here.