Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Wisdom of Owls

The moment I set my eyes on this beautiful book, I decided I wanted it in my life. But quickly I found out that the book is out of stock. It was published in a limited edition of 500 copies, 400 of which Standard edition and 100 were released as a Special edition. A book like this deserves to be talked about and featured here as it's a rare treasure.

A Wisdom of Owls published by Avenue Press in 1998 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Barn Owl Trust. This book contains a plethora of information on owls which is thoroughly researched and compiled by Philip Knowling, a Devon-born writer. 

There are traditional stories from around the world, beliefs from different lands and cultures, amazing facts from science and history. The book lets you discover the significance of owl in folk-lore, religion and even cooking! Accompanying the words there are stunning lino-cut illustrations by Elizabeth Rashley and Sarah Lawrence that adorn every page of the book. If you come across a copy online then don't think twice because it's a wonderful book every owl lover should have!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shivani. This looks lovely. I would also recommend 'Owl' by Desmond Morris (2009 & reprints). It is packed with interesting cultural etc. info, but it doesn't have the lino cuts.


Jane Campbell

My Owl Barn said...

Hi Jane, Thank you for the recommendation. I'll check out the book. Have a good day! :)