Friday, April 24, 2015

Cool Label Designs by Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company a craft brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado created the most eye catching label designs I have ever seen in collaboration with TBD Agency in Bend, Oregon. 

"Odell was inspired to revitalize the brand, and tbd realized an opportunity to better communicate the superior quality of Odell’s handcrafted beer with innovative packaging designs and support materials. We crafted a brand strategy based on an authentic spirit of sharing found in the home brewing culture—a spirit that Odell still cultivates as they grow.

With the introduction of the new packaging, Odell’s year-over-year sales increased significantly, even while taking a price increase. The community of Odell fans also continues to grow, as evidenced by social media engagement, some of which is in direct response to conversations about the packaging. And every once in a while, a fan expresses their love for the packaging with remarkable fervor: as a tattoo." - shares TBD, via.

The illustrations in retro style, lettering, the texture and the muted colors all makes it's a visually appealing, stylish brand design. I mean how can you miss those big owl eyes in turquoise blue or the elephant shaking the tree. Two of my favorite labels, very powerful and beautiful! These cool designs are available on other merchandise as well like wall tackers, t-shirts etc. on their website.