Monday, February 16, 2015

Sweet Dreams: A Sweet Children's Book

Sweet Dreams is a children's rhyming  picture  book  written by Rose A. Lewis and illustrated by Jen Corace. This is a sweet story where a mother prepares her daughter for bed while she tells her about different night creatures who sleep at night and those  who "come alive in darkness -  They have no need of of light " The story suggests that kids sleep long feeling safe cuddled in their bed with the moon and the owl watching.

The story starts and ends with the following lines:
Good night, my precious child,
May your dreams be long and sweet -
And full of great adventures
With the friends you're soon to meet.

Jen Corace's illustrations are soothing and rich done in pen, ink and  watercolors. The color palette of twilight blue and purple is appropriate for the story line. Of all the beautiful sceneries in the book, my favorite is of the three baby owls sitting in their nest waiting for their mother to return with a meal. This book will make a perfect baby shower gift for new parents! Available here.