Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Skip Hop Zoo: New Products

Brand new Skip Hop Zoo products offers products that will make toting food more fun without the mess. Skip Hop Zoo insulated food jars come in adorable designs - owl, monkey, bee, dog and ladybug. The thermal stainless steel jar claims to keeps food cold for 5 hours and warm for up to 7 hours. Find them and order them from here.

Skip Hop Zoo snack cup is my favorite because of it's shape and the convenient style. The lid allows children to help themselves to snacks, preventing contents from spilling if the cup is overturned. The snack cup comes in the following animals designs - owl, monkey, bee and ladybug from here.

Skip Hop Zoo lunch kits have a rubber seal that locks the lid to prevent leaks. The kits are BPA free and and come with a snack container. Owl, monkey, ladybug, dog and bee designs are featured on the lid and are available here