Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY: Tennis Ball Owls

Last week I received an email from Eva who created this fun craft project for the kids and wanted me to share it with you all. I thought why not, it's fun and perfect for Halloween! With this simple project you can turn ping pong balls into adorable little owls. You can find the instruction and the complete list of materials used for the project from here.

You can stop here or you can make them into tea lights. While browsing through other Halloween themed tutorials, I came across this blog where they created spooky Halloween tea lights using tennis balls. Then I thought, if we combined the two tutorial we'll get owl tea light. I am sure you would too like the idea as much as I did. Simply make the owls following the instructions from the first tutorial and then turn them into tea lights to make Halloween decorations with the simple instructions from the second tutorial here. Do you like the idea?