Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mia Jafari

Owl Cocktail Dress from Oisea de Paradis

Owl Blouse from Oisea de Paradis

Daywatch Owl & Nightwatch Owl

Iran born fashion designer Mia Jafari is presently working from London specializes in screen printed handmade silk scarves and brightly colored dresses. Her limited edition collection Oisea de Paradis is inspired by 1950s Cartier birds of paradise brooches - is filled with exquisite birds, animals and owls. The patterns on her dresses are created by her own amazing use of the “digi-broidery” technique where Iranian embroidery is combined with her actual hand painting and digital prints. 

The above shown multicolored owl dress, owl cocktail dress, bird of paradise dress and knit wear can be found on her website.


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