Monday, February 3, 2014

Fobots: Found Object Robots

Amy Flynn is an artist from Raleigh, North Carolina  who makes 'Fobots' - found object robots from old billiard balls, faucets, blades, vintage tins, keys and handles, springs etc. 

“My first Fobot was made from junk in our basement — mainly the original doorbell to our house, built in 1920."

She hunts for the junk at flea markets, and starts mixing and matching different arms, legs, heads etc. This part can take anywhere from minutes to months to complete. She carefully solders and bolts them to give them each a unique personality. Each Fobot is numbered, with a copper plate on its back bearing the word "FOBOT".

Artist's statement: "Hallmark of my work is that every piece is a little wonky, with one eye bigger than the other, mismatched arms and legs, stuff like that. Symmetry is boring. I have a favorite quote that reads "We like our friends for their virtues, but we love them for their flaws". I think it makes my robots more endearing, more human."

If you like to learn more about her work then you can read her interview on or see her Fobots that are available for purchase on her online store here.