Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kate Kelly: Paper Sculpture

Kate Kelly designs and make the most amazing paper sculptures of owls, birds, animals and household objects. She began making paper models during her University degree, when she made paper prototypes of her final pieces. She experimented with many different materials and found her love in crafting with paper. "I love to work in paper because I find it a very unrestrictive medium; it bends and folds to any shape, it is easy coloured and textured in many different ways, it is cheap and humble and always on hand."

Her each sculpture is screen printed and often adorned with freehand doodles which makes each one unique. You can see more of her gorgeous models on her website and follow her blog for updates on her new work.


April G said...

Those are phenomenal!

Unknown said...

OMG! These are amazing. I like her statement about working with paper that it's humble, always on hand and very versatile. I agree. I too love working with paper to create art. Now, off to check her website & blog.