Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love Grey Skies: Owl Mooks

I love Kimberley Laurenti's signature characters 'mooks'. She is an artist who lives in Southwest Florida and has been sculpting these strangely cool clay creatures for years that are now available in her online store 'I Love Grey Skies'. I read this wonderful interview and was amazed by how much time and love goes into making each mook. 

"With the sculptures I make for the shop, there is always many steps and processes that are being worked on simultaneously. For instance, I may start by sanding some wood for the bases and take them out into my shop in the garage for staining. While the first coat absorbs into the wood, I’ll then come in and sculpt with clay. Then back to the garage to wipe the first coat of stain off and perhaps start a paper mache mask . I think it’s this variety of task that keeps me so interested. I’m also a painter but after painting and concentrating for 2 hours straight I can get a bit drained, but the sculptures are less serious, more fun."

Don't you adore these little guys wearing knitted hats and sweaters? And that guy in suit!