Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diem Chau: A - Z Northwest Natives

A is for Aquilegia (Columbine), B is for Bald Eagle, C is for Cougar, D is for Dogwood, E is for Elk, F is for Fox, G is for Grizzly Bear

H is for Heron,  I is for Iris, J is for Juniper, K is for Killer Whale, L is for Lynx, M is for Mountain Goat

N is for Northern Spotted Owl, O is for Otter, P is for Painted Turtle, Q is for Quinault Tribe, R is for Rhododendron, S is for Salmon, T is for Timberwolf

U is for Urchin, V is for Viola, W is for Wolf Eel, X is for Xanthogrammica (Giant Green Anemone), Y is for Yuma myotis (Vesper Bat), Z is for Zapus princeps (Western Jumping Mouse)

I have blogged about Diem Chau's incredible carved crayons previously here. She is back with another amazing set carved for her showing at the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle titled  “A – Z: Northwest Natives,” featuring miniature species native to the Pacific Northwest.