Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anya Stone

Anya Stone is a UK based artist who sculpts micro and miniature animal and bird detailed figures that are 1:12 and even smaller scales. To make these tiny wonders she uses polymer clay, wool, synthetic and plant fibres or feathers to make them look realistic. Anya has been sculpting for over 15 years and worked on numerous commissioned work including wildlife,domestic animals,fantasy work to restoring polymer clay items.

Her work has been published in American Miniaturist magazine and her tutorials that have been featured in Miniaturas Magazine through CDHM and Artisans In Miniature. She is gaining popularity especially for her life like miniature feathery sculptures. Visit her website to see more jaw-dropping sculptures and for free tutorials. Thanks, Chiara.

I want to give thanks to all of you for providing me with the love and support over the years. Without you my blog wouldn't have been the same fun place and my job wouldn't have been this cool! :)

Have a great Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it! I'll see you back on Monday {Pssst, there's a surprise}.

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Sue said...

OMG!!!My first thought was how can a real animal be that small!! Thanks so much for sharing this artist!

Shadowmoon said...

Do you still make this tiny birds and do you sell them?