Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birds Made of Flowers and Leaves by Red Hong Yi

Owl made of white, orange and maroon chrysanthemums. Trumpet flower for the eyes. Dried leaf for beak.

Kingfisher made of gerberas, butterfly peas and purple shamrocks.

Flamingo made from pink gerberas and twigs.

Parrot made from butterfly peas and gerberas.

Dodo made from white, pink and orange chrysanthemum flowers.

Peacock made from butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, alamandas / trumpet flowers.

Hornbill made of chrysanthemums, germeras and purple shamrocks.

Northern cardinal made of red gerberas and deep purple chrysanthemums with dill.

Rooster made from gerberas and leaves.

Flamingos made from pink gerberas and twigs.

Grab a cup of coffee and take your time to admire each and every one of these exotic bird by Red Hong Yi. She is known for her incredible projects like this one I blogged a few months ago. The bird series is dedicated to bird illustrations formed petal by petal into owl, flamingos, parrots and more. Such a treat!