Friday, April 5, 2013

31 Days Food Series by Hong Yi

Hong Yi also known as Red is a Malaysian artist who has been working on a project called '31 days of creativity with food' creating one food art a day. Her illustrations consist of people, animals and homage to pop culture made completely with food, using only a white plate as a backdrop. 

I was thrilled to discover the owl made with red onions and mint leaves. Isn't it stunning! The project will see it's last creation on April 7th, I can't wait to see rest of the pieces she creates for the food series. You can find all of her food creations on her Facebook page and Instagram. My favorite are the owl and the eggplant circus. Which one is yours?

Have a beautiful weekend my friends and see you back on Monday!

Take care and love,

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Di said...

How awesome!!! My favorites are the dragon on the dragon fruit, also the bears on the ice cream. But all of the artworks are stunning.