Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seahorse Funky Stationery: Gift Wrap

'Beautiful Owls'

'Garden Birds'

'Lovely Hens'

'Mr. Fox'

Seahorse, Funky Stationery & Art Stuff is a UK stationery brand that offers a wide range of art and craft supplies, greeting cards, journals, gift wrapping paper and more designed by British artists. The gift wraps featuring hens, birds, red foxes and owls are great for wrapping gifts, decoupage, crafts and scrapbooking.

'Beautiful Owls' with in blue, green and turquoise owls perched on flowers, and 'Mr. Fox' with red foxes running and walking are doubled sided with lovely patterns on the reverse. Unfortunately, these items are not shipped internationally. If you are in UK you can grab'em here.